Cancel collection? 100% FREE through our customer service

Are you not satisfied with your collection, or do you want to temporarily end your collection? Then do not use a paid service to have your cancellation sent to us by post. Our customer service is always available to assist you, and cancellations by email will always be processed within 24 hours. You will also receive confirmation of your cancellation by email. Various websites are currently promoting that they can handle your cancellation for amounts between 5 and 15 euros. This is not necessary and can easily be done 100% FREE through our own customer service.

Send an email to our customer service with your customer number/invoice number and the date you would like to end your collection. We will process your cancellation within 24 hours.


Vous pouvez prendre simplement et rapidement contact avec le service clientèle de My Collections. Vous pouvez prendre contact par le biais des 2 canaux mentionnés ci-dessous.

Contact par mail
Contactez le service clientèle de My Collections en envoyant un mail à l’adresse Nous essaierons de vous répondre endéans les 24 heures pendant les jours ouvrables. Pour un traitement plus rapide de votre mail, nous vous demandons de toujours nous communiquer votre numéro de client.

Adresse postale: (pas d'adresse de visite)
My Collections BV
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Service clientèle:
Keurmerk Sandd Bpost ING